Mini Masterpieces Tour 2013: The critics have spoken!

As the Monsters make their way across beautiful British Columbia and back again, the accolades for Mini Masterpieces are rolling in. There’s nothing better than making a gymnasium of 450 kids laugh their heads off.

Here’s a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received:

“We loved the performance!  Tara and Bruce were phenomenal!!  The kids laughed the entire performance, as did the adults.  As a reading school we truly appreciated the focus on books. Tremendous acting and I would have no doubt recommend them to my colleagues.”
-North Otter Elementary

“The performance was fantastic!”
-Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary

“We just watched the Monster Theatre presentation.  The staff and students
thoroughly enjoyed the program!  The acting and singing was excellent as was
the humor and comedy which was presented to us.  We would welcome them back to our school again.”
-Collingwood Neighbourhood School

“We all loved the performance by Monster Theatre.  The actors were so engaging
and personable.  One teacher said she was laughing so much that she almost
fell off her chair. The teachers were impressed with the different levels
of jokes and humour.  The group incorporated jokes for the little kids, and
then higher end jokes for the students in the intermediate grades, and then
even took it further and put in a few jokes only the adults would get.  We
liked the way the group started out with a few short skits on the fables,
and then went into the longer stories near the end.  We would definitely
recommend this show to other elementary schools.  The actors were tremendous
and the kids were interested the whole time.”
-Hazelgrove Elementary

Coming soon…reviews from the critics who matter most…the kids!!